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Independent Filmmaker &visual artist

Yousreya MOHAMED GHORAB is born in 1981 in Egypt. She is working as independent Filmmaker &visual artist. She is editing short films as a freelancer and works as curator in karmet ebn hany for culture arts


Samples of photos which snapshots from films:


http://vimeo.com/29554424 , http://vimeo.com/28861087

http://vimeo.com/28529140 , http://vimeo.com/28523131


4shared exhibition in Houras gallery in faculty of art education.
The 5th Small pieces Salon in Center of Art in Zamalek.
The 4th Nile Salon for photography in Opera House.
The 15th Youth Salon in Opera house.

Video art(similarity) in Goethe Institute in Cairo Video video art in Semat for indepentant films production.

Short fiction &documentary films in Jesuit center
Tery ya tayara.- You or anything else.-Déjà vu.
Video art “3d negative” in art palace ,opera house
Video art "3d negative in masry asly festival in Italian culture center.
Video art "3d negative in contemporary image festival in French culture institute.
Screening cinema super 8&16mm films in cinematque, Cairo


5/2012(6DAYS) The experimental workshop in multimedia arts (sound -video and digital arts)in faclty of art education with Dr/Shady El noshokaty

Photo Cairo workshop in gallery Townhouse for contemporary arts.
• Study in cinema school in Jesuit Cairo center filmmaking with mohammed samir &kareem hanafy (many workshops): video editing-perspective –script - visual concepts-sound-editing–lighting-visual effects-Photography.
• making short fiction &documentary films:
Tery ya tayara -2.5 min- fiction.-You or anything else- 3.5min- documentary-.Déjà vu -2.5 min- fiction-.Waiting 1 min fiction.
• Rising stars for documentary films with EU &Semat for cinema production and distribution .
• analogue-zone” cinema workshop with labor Berlin and makes a test using super8 camera with Michel Balagué in cinematuqe, Cairo.

The 8th position in governorate rate in oil painting in secondary school.
Award from Goethe Institute about short movie (similarity) in free cinema festival.

Regarded certification from Imprint company about (Sokar & Bnger) series in EL forsan festival for animation in fine art faculty.