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1 Jul - 10 Jul 2007

Images web and video

with Jean-Pierre Noun et Renaud Vercey


Egypt: Ahmed Essamra, Lamia Moghzy, Mohamed Taman, Soha Yahia Abu Hussein, Abdallah Dawestashy, Rabbab Nawar

Liban: Manale Kharrat, Nadia Oufrid, Pascale El Kareh, Patricia Tohme

> visit the creation : 6 scenes in the life of Jancouz]

The workshop took place in six phases.
The first days were about writing a story involving Jancouz / Jamal (the clown). We have choosen the six colors because it was a reference to the libanese political scene. At the end I think the six stories of Jancouz has nothing to do with politics...

The third day was the shooting day. Jancouz was on a blue screen which can be deleted at the editing with the “chroma key” technic.
Then the team worked hard for five days in editing, creating backgrounds, sound effects...
At the end we have a mixed media object. The aim of this workshop was to crete relations between the art of the scene and the art of the screen.

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View online : 6 scenes in the life of Jancouz