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visual artist, scenographer

Born, studied decorative Arts, and lived in Cairo till coming to France for studying painting at Beaux-Arts of Paris. At the end of the 80’s he focused on Photography while making Set Designing. His artwork has a main concern: Egypt and Middle-East. The works were exhibited in international Biennials, cultural institutions and private galleries. He conducted many workshops in Egypt, Jordan, Yemen and other countries in Africa.

For many years since the 90’s he made a large series about Egyptian portraits, collected documentation on Egyptian popular mucisc, religious rites, Moslems and Christians. He also worked on the relationship between Jordan Bedouins and Modernity, Yemenis and the Hammams.

In the late five years he was more involved with the change happening in Egypt, his work lapsing into ironical criticism. His stage design experience leads him now to installation works.

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