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Independent artist & art manager

Nada Rezq is an independent artist & art manager based in Alexandria, Egypt. She started to work as an artist from 2006-2007 when she joined the Faculty of Fine Arts, her work depends largely on photography then she started to mix photography with other media and Techniques such as videos, audios and installation. Her works take a societal side in a criticism context which is very interested in Egyptian traditions as well as the changes that happening in communities from a political and humanitarian point of view.

Rezq studied graphic design at Faculty of Fine Arts, Alexandria University 2006-2011, after finishing the pre-master degree at the same department she moved to Aix en Provence, France 2012-2013 for studying video art, photography and installation at L’école supérieure d’art d’Aix en Provence, during this year she developed her contemporary art knowledge, as well as she exhibited her first solo exhibition at the gallery of école supérieure d’art d’Aix en Provence in the frame of Marseilles Provence13; under the name of AZAN.

She started her career in art administration field in 2009, though she began her career as a volunteer at ADASA for Photographic Art but she succeeded to develop her administration skills until she became an employee at this organization under the title of Executive Director & International Affairs manager.
On November 2013, she was one of the founder members of the National Foundation for Arts: MOVE which focuses on decentralization of arts and culture in Egypt. She is full of passion to work in this field specially in contemporary art; and regarding her work as a freelancer her goals centered around the case of decentralization as an instrument of spreading and expanding culture to the smaller centers in Egypt and the citizen’s right to get a sufficient amount of culture.

Nada Rezq is a member of Labo Fictions plateform, and a participant Walkspace workshop in April 2014 in Alexandria.





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