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Abdo Nawar

filmmaker, independent curator, teacher

Active in the artistic scene in Lebanon since 1982, Abdo Nawar directed many plays, documentaries and short films. Since 2000, other than his artistic activities in audiovisual and theater, he is the administrator of the Association SHAMS (Beirut).
Instructor in several Lebanese universities (ALBA, NDU, Université Libanaise,...), he is since 2014, permanent teacher at the Fine Arts Institute of the Lebanese Faculty.

Abdo Nawar organizes artistic encounters and festivals in different fields such as audiovisual, theater, dance and multimedia.
Since 2007, he managed with Claudine Dussollier-France) the RAMI project (Rencontres Arts et Multimédia International) a platform for experimentation and communication that organized international exchanges related to the contemporary creation, the digital tools and the multimedia.

He is the founder of ICARE, an academy dedicated in arts and multimedia, and created in 2012 the“Moultaka Ibd Rùchd” (the Averroès Encounters) in Beirut.

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