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5 Oct - 10 Oct 2007

RAMI - open meeting

The Sunflower Cultural Space (Dawar As Shams)

RAMI presents to the artists, to professionals and to the public workshops and the appropriate places for exchange and reflection.

After Beirut, Alexandria and Marseilles, the fifth phase of this project is occurring again in Beirut from October 5 to 15, 2007.

Seminars / Carte Blanches

1 - Ricardo Mbarkho invites the artists and students to widen their knowledge, experiences and research in Art using the new Medias.
Ricardo Mbarkho is an artist, a researcher, teacher and coordinator of the network YASMIN Lebanon
Tuesday 9, Thursday 10 and Friday the 11 of October from 11h - 14h at The Sunflower.

2 - Marc Mercier will share his poetic approach of the Video- poetry electronic, collage and editing. He will start up the dialogue based on a selection of works presented in the context of “the festival of the instant Videos 2007” (www.instantsvideo.com).
Marc Mercier is a film-maker and director of «Instants Vidéo» (France)
Saturday the 13th of October from 11h - 14h. at The Sunflower.

3- Paolo Rosa will present the sensitive environments as Works of art and the interactive museums as frescos based on his method and the presentation of several productions of the Studio Azzurro.
Paolo Rosa is an artist and co-fonder of the Studio Azzuro (Italy)-
Saturday the 13th of October from 15h - 18h. at The Sunflower.

Evening performances on Friday 12 and Saturday 13 of October, starting 19h at The Sunflower.

Installations of «The Table in the Quest of Lost Time» by Mohamed Youssef and Sharif El Sayed (Egypt), Joelle Khoury and Rajwa Tohmé (Lebanon).

Performances on Friday the 12th of October at 21h
Public presentation of the workshops:
Body, movement and multimedia II and Transmission of Interactive
Audiovisual Object on the Internet II.

Performances on Saturday the 13th of October at 21h
Radiovision by Renaud Vercey, Yann Norry and Charbel Haber
Piece by Jean Marc Nahasand Tarek Atoui , followed by a concert by Tarek Ataoui, and a poetic performance by Joelle Khoury , accompagned by Tarek Atoui.

A public forum

Organized on Sunday the 14th of October from 19h to 21h at The Sunflower,
the forum allows both the participants and the interveners in the RAMI Project to elaborate a review of the situation and to consider future collaborations among artists and cultural operators from different Mediterranean countries.

Three workshops are taking place at the Sunflower from the 5th to the 12th of October.

1 - Body, Movement and Multimedia II
With Nancy Naous, Anne le Batard, Delphine Rochette and Marine Quiniou

Egypt: Adel Abd El Wahab, , Ahmed Mohamed Ahmed Saleh, Hadil Nazmy
Lebanon: Ahlam Derani, Chafic Kolailat, Corinne Skaff, Hanane El Dirani, Lynn Kodeih, Mona Merhi, Roaa Bzeih, Romy Assouad, Stéphanie Dadour
Macedonia: Irina Janevska,
Tunisia: Hasna Mannai

2 – Transmission of Interactive Audiovisual Object on the Internet II.
With Jean-Pierre Noun and Renaud Vercey
Egypt: Ahmed Essamra, Lamia Moghzy, Mohamed Taman, Soha Yahia Abu Hussein, Abdallah Dawestashy, Rabbab Nawar
Lebanon: Manale Kharrat, Nadia Oufrid, Pascale El Kareh, Patricia Tohme

3 – Interactive Installations II /managed by Tarek Ataoui
Participants from Lebanon: Charbel Haber, Jean Marc Nahas, Joelle Khoury Rajwa Tohmé

Forty Years of Video Arts in Germany – Exposition

October 29 - November 1, 2007 from 18h till 20:30 – Goethe Institute

Contact at SHAMS, Abdo Nawar: assshams cyberia.net.lb
961-1-381290 / 961-3-949197

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