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1 Jan - 30 Jan 2011


Opera multimedia directed by Adham Hafez

PsychOpera is the first multimedia Opera production in Egypt and the Arab Speaking Region by Adham Hafez, and is sung by the renowned Soprano Neveen Allouba. A first introduction has been done in Falaki theater in January 2011 in the frame of 2BContinued Festival.

A mesh system between sounds and images, invisibilities and presences, PsychOpera probes the dense and un-represented information around the human mind and the human presence, raising crucial questions on the integrity of Identity and of Memory, testing preset ideas about what the Self is and what presence is, and proposing complex modes of perceiving and comprehending.

Composed, Choreographed and Directed by: Adham Hafez
Performed by: Neveen Allouba - Dramaturgy: Ismail Fayed
Video 2010: Ahmed ElSayed
Video creation 2012:Shawky Hassan

Sound Consultant:Joel Ryan
Costume Design: Reda Ghareeb
Costume Assistant: Assila Space
Consultant: Anke Koschinski
PsychoanalysisResearch: Blandine Delcroix
Initial Psychiatric Research: Hazim Shoaira
Production Manager: Ahmad Moez
Rehearsals Assistant: Raafat ElBayoumi
Choir Master, Rehearsals Pianist: James Booth
Graphics: Ikon Score Writing: Nader Hafez

Production of Adham Hafez Company 2009-2011, YATF (Brussels), ZINC- (Marseilles), 3BisF (Aix-en-provence), with the support of Amsterdam Theatre School (Amsterdam), 2BContinued Festival and SEE Foundation(Cairo).Institut culturel Français, with the kind help of Théâtre du Merlan à Marseille.

Dates: 17, 18 January 2011, 8pm- Falaki Theatre, AUC- Downtown

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